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The Hash Grinder Company®

Ontstaan uit onze eigen ervaring en het resultaat van een langdurig ontwikkelproces.

Discrete, Stylish & High Quality

We are a company which specializes in Hash tools and develops its own products. So we started with the ZenPen®. After some experience and time, we have expanded our range further. 


With Authenticity Certificate

Due to the extensive test phase, we opted for a high-quality stainless steel (RVS). ZenPen® feels high-quality due to the use of materials. For example, we have thought carefully about the intersection point that can be pressed into the HASH, about the grip and how we can realize the best hash string ever.

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    ZENPEN® - Hash Grinder - High Quality Design - Top Quality Stainless Steel - with Certificate of Authenticity

    About Us

    About The Hash Grinder Company®

    NO MORE Dirty Nails?

    It all started with dirty nails, a problem all hash users face when separating small pieces from the chunk.

    Not only is it unsanitary, it can create judgments, prejudices and stereotypes. Let dirty nails be one less reason for obstacles in your life with our products like the ZenPen: The world's first hash grinder / tool in the form of a handy pen.

    No more dirty nails with ZenPen®

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    Dutch design, high-quality design



    EX® III – (7 typen)

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    The HashGrinder Company®

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