Retro Ashtray

A cool Retro Ashtray with built-in fire rod. Beautiful, durable and handy!

High quality and classic shape, robust design.

The ashtray is fire retardant and durable in use.
Suitable for smoking, as decorations, gifts for husband, father and friends!

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Retro Metal / Plastic Ashtray

Metal and ABS materials, high quality and classic shape, robust design.

Made of stainless steel and ABS, the ashtray is fire retardant and durable to use.
Suitable for smoking, as decorations, collectibles, gifts for husband, father, friends and more!

Before using the lighter for the first time, we recommend scraping off the wax / protective layer on the flint.

Then add some kerosene or lighter fluid through the bottom of the ashtray.
After submerging the fuel stick in liquid, slide it onto the flint to light it.

The hole for refilling can be unscrewed with a coin, and lighter fluid can be added.

It can also be filled in a similar way to a normal kerosene lighter.

Because the lighter is refillable, it can be used thousands of times with the flint!

Product material: stainless steel + ABS
Lighter oil type: kerosene
Weight: 236g
Size: 113mm * 99mm * 47mm
Colors: silver, gold, blue

Application: home, office
Additional functions: decoration, ashtray, collection
Use occasions: smoking, decoration, collection, gifts, etc.

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Super handy and useful!

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Blue, Gold, Silver