People don't see grinding, as a step for preparing hash, as equally important. They usually don't see the meaning of this step. In reality, it's more than just an ordinary job, because a hash grinder can greatly affect the quality of the fumes.

In fact, a high quality hash grinder can enhance the experience. They are needed to transform the delicacy into a more sophisticated shape - something that is difficult to achieve with hands and fingers alone.

A good grinder can really add value to your herbs. So, without further ado, here are a few good reasons to use a hash grinder to better enjoy your lump of happiness.

1. Better consistency

Without a good grinder it is difficult to obtain an even consistency, which is essential for the even extraction of the vapours in the herbs. The taste of the plant depends more on its consistency than on the type of device you use to enjoy it. The herbs with an even consistency will burn evenly, giving you a constant flow of tasty vapours.

2. Thicker fumes

One of the most common complaints that people with, for example, monkeys have is the absence of a cloud (vapour cloud). People generally like a large cloud because it creates the perception (which becomes reality) that they have received a good hit from the device. However, if there is no large vapor cloud, in most cases it is not the monkey device that is to blame, but the method used to grind the herbs. The thickness strongly depends on how well the piece of luck is textured.

3. More intense natural hits

When the plant is poorly crushed by hand, it is difficult to release the full potent combination of compounds and terpenes present in the herb. Most herb vaporizers are designed to fill the vapor chamber (quite compact) with ground herbs. This in turn leads to thicker vapours with richer flavours.

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